Osram® High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps offer more light per watt, longer life, and feature a compact point source similar to incandescent, allowing good optical control. Osram® HID lamps provide extremely efficient illumination in a large area. Our HID lamps offer you the following:

Long life: Life for 3000hours, which is 8 to 10 times longer than traditional halide lamp, greatly exceeding the total hours of the automobile traveling at night during its lifetime.

Energy saving: It consumes only 35W, the power load is greatly reduced. Therefore it can save 40% power and improve lighting performance at the same time.

Super brightness: Brightness is increased by 300%, which lights up more road, brings more vision and let you travel more secure

Good visibility at night: HID headlights will instantly make you a better driver by increasing your visibility at night. Projecting a brighter light further out and also broadening your peripheral coverage not only presents things you normally wouldn't see, but it increases the amount of reaction time you have. The sooner you notice potential hazards in the road, the sooner you can react.

Easy Installation: Osram® HID lamp user only need to insert the original lights hole, fix Electronic Ballasts, and connect them with the power line and other connectors. Don't need to change the original part of the vehicle.

Security: Dunking in the water or moisture inside will not cause blowout. When accidents occur, the perceptive circuit in the ballast will cut off the high voltage immediately to protect people. The high isolation wire and the design of anti-electromagnetic interference make you far away from worry.

Osram® HID lamps include:

1 E27 125W HQL mercury X 40
2 E27 160W HWL mercury X 40
3 E40 250w mercury X 12:HQL
4 E40 250w mercury X 12 : HWL
5 E40 400w HQL mercury X 12
6 250w Vialox NAV-T x 12pcs
7 400w Vialox NAV-T x 12pcs
8 500w HWL Mercury x 12
9 Powerstar HQl-T 1000w x 6
10 Powerstar HQI-T 2000w E40 x 4

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