To attract the sharpest minds in the country, Orange Group recently launched a recruitment initiative called Meet the Recruiter. Meet the Recruiter (MTR) is a program where prospective employees from different parts of the country meet with the Orange Group recruitment Team, who engages them on the various routes into the company and sharpen their job prep skills. Our recruitment team conceived the idea while searching for ways to enlighten and add value to the youths in our country.

The primary objective is to arm potential jobseekers with knowledge as it pertains to Job applications and present them with a unique opportunity to apply and potentially land their dream job at Orange Group. The event is open to the public but directed primarily at recent graduates, people seeking employment, and even undergraduates who are willing to improve their knowledge about the corporate world and recruitment practices. Our recruitment team strongly felt the need to take this initiative down to grassroots in different states and local governments, as we have branches across the country.


To participate, interested candidates are to first apply for the event through the Orange Group recruitment portal. They will also be directed to take a test and upload their CVs during their registration. Other participants who cannot register through the recruitment portal are allowed to come with their CVs and register at the event location before the main event starts. Through these registrations, our recruitment team can select candidates who meet set criteria for immediate employment.


The program, which kicked off in Onitsha with over 500 candidates in attendance, aims to bridge the difficult gap between employer expectation and candidate preparation, but just in case you missed that, here’s a recap.

The event spanned two days, and though participants were required to register online before the program’s commencement, those who could not do so were given the opportunity to register at the venue.


On the first day, candidates are introduced to our recruitment team, that educated them on career planning and development. Up next was a personalized CV review session held for each candidate. During this review, they were advised on the next steps forward in landing their dream job. Finally, qualified candidates were allowed to take an online aptitude test, and success meant they got invited for our Recruitment Bootcamp, the next step to getting a job offer.


Our Recruitment team also engaged the candidates on interview skills and ethics, and they even got to simulate an interview session. All of these sessions took place over two days while candidates were treated to our Refreshing Passion Energy drink; talk about having a taste just before joining Orange Group!


The Meet the Recruiter program promotes learning and allows candidates to land their dream job with the company. It also provides a networking opportunity for job seekers to meet like-minded individuals and forge new friendships. Every participant also goes home with a bag of Orange Group goodies.


The #OrangeMTR  promises to be even better as we have lined up a plethora of engaging activities designed to build your confidence, sharpen your interpersonal skill, and ultimately land your dream job! who knows? NEXT STOP?