World Hepatitis Day Awareness 

Hepatitis is a disease of the liver. It is due to the inflammation of the liver. People drinking alcohol are at a higher risk of hepatitis. People must be aware of the signs and treatments of this illness. Every year on 28th July, people celebrate world hepatitis day. In this, people gathered under a single theme. This day’s purpose is to inform people about the global burden of viral hepatitis. This year the theme of hepatitis day is “I Can’t-Wait.” People are motivated to face challenges and jointly take steps to reduce the chances of this illness. The guide is designed to give you detailed information about hepatitis. What is it? Its symptoms and causes and prevention ways. Let’s get started to discuss the topic in detail. 

What is Hepatitis?

This disease is directly related to the liver. The liver is one of the main body organs that fight against infection and filters blood. The liver doesn’t perform its function well due to inflammation. 

There are 5 strains of hepatitis named as:

● Hepatitis A

● Hepatitis B

● Hepatitis C

● Hepatitis D

● Hepatitis E

However, many people died from hepatitis B and C combined. This year’s theme of hepatitis is to fight against this viral disease. Informing people about the importance of tests and treatment of hepatitis.

Symptoms of Hepatitis

There are many initial symptoms of hepatitis, such as:

● Fever 

● Fatigue

● Feeling hunger 

● Vomiting 

● Abdominal pain 

● The dark color of urine 

● Joint pain 

● Itchy skin

● Skin and eyes get yellow

● Feeling tired 

How to Prevent The Risk of Hepatitis 

Many ways assist you in avoiding the risk of hepatitis. You can prevent hepatitis A, B, and C by following the below-mentioned steps. 

Before prevention, it is crucial to know the reason for getting each category of hepatitis. 

You may suffer hepatitis A due to drinking and eating food with a person having this disease.

● One of the best methods to save yourself from hepatitis A is to get a vaccine

● Children should get the dose after their First Birthday 

● Be careful about what you eat and drink 

● Drink boiled water 

● Skip dairy products 

● Wash your hands regularly 

Hepatitis B is due to contact with the blood of another person having hepatitis B. Using unclean needles is the cause of hepatitis B. 

● To prevent hepatitis B, get shot as an adult 

● Besides the vaccine, don’t share your toothbrush 

● Don’t use the razor of other infected people 

● Avoid sharing needles 

● Don’t get close to the person already suffering from hepatitis B

Hepatitis C has no initial symptoms. Also, no vaccine is available for this type. You can protect yourself with extra care. Follow the following steps to avoid the risk of hepatitis C.

● Avoid sharing needles

● Couples must know each other’s health status before engaging in sexual activities

● Wash your hands with soap 

● Don’t use the item of an infected person

● Drink Water

● Include healthy food in your regular diet

● Be careful when traveling; the area has poor sanitation

It is vital to take immediate action before the condition becomes worse. Now the question is what should be done when diagnosing hepatitis.

What Should Be Done After Confirming The Hepatitis

Different treatments can manage the condition, but there is no cure for this disease. If you feel any of the above symptoms, consult your doctor. A Medical Practitioner will treat your disease according to the specific type. There is no treatment for type hepatitis. Your liver recovers within six months by following the different precautions advised by your doctor.

● Keep rest 

● Use medication 

● Manage nausea

Before making an appointment with your doctor, prepare a list of your symptoms and critical information you want to discuss with the doctor. Always keep in mind that prevention is one of the good ways to make a start. Furthermore, take care of your liver well!