“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”- Renee Rouleau.

Many people think adopting a good skincare routine is just about facial skincare, or applying a
bunch of beauty products and other substances to the skin. While facial skincare is very
important and applying the right substances to your skin is key, it is not all there is to have
radiant and glowing skin. It is good practice to be aware of certain common habits that usually
get in the way of having radiant skin be it your face, your entire body, or both!

1. Poor Eating Habit

Have you ever wondered why those expensive skincare products are not working effectively?
Well, they would never work effectively if you keep eating lots of sugar, and processed carbs like
pizza, waffles or pastries. High-glycemic foods raise blood sugar levels, causing an insulin surge.
Insulin promotes the production of oil-producing hormones known as androgens, resulting in
pimples. It can also result in loss of elasticity in the skin and aggravate eczema. Vegetables,
fruits, and healthy grains, for example, are the mainstays of a skin-friendly diet. Drinking enough
water daily also contributes to achieving healthy skin and it is a must for maintaining a good diet.

2. Popping Pimples

When you see a pimple on your face, especially those that are “ripe”, the urge to pop it is very
tempting because you want it gone as soon as possible! BUT, remember the scar the pimple
popping leaves behind which is even harder to get rid of than the pimple itself. Instead grab an

ointment cream that contains benzoyl-peroxide, depending on the sensitivity of your skin. You
can also try Delta soap which protects the skin from free radical damage by acting as an
antioxidant and works to combat acne-causing germs.

3. Using The Wrong products

You need to understand your skin type before you can pick the right products for your skin. Your
skin type may be either dry or oily, sensitive or not sensitive. It would be a great error to use a
lotion without moisturizers on dry skin, or to use salicylic acid to combat fungal acne. Before
selecting the right product, ensure you carry out adequate and sufficient research to understand
how to manage your skin better. Also, to avoi

d allergies, it is advisable to do a patch test.

Products with natural supplements are also advisable, but they also need to be applied with
specific caution according to your skin type.

4. Not Using Sunscreen

Too much sun exposure can speed up the aging process and cause hyperpigmentation on your
body and face. Hyperpigmentation occurs when an area of your skin, due to sun damage, darkens
over time causing an uneven balance on your skin tone. It is advisable to make use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen or a lotion that contains sunscreen.

5. Poor Lifestyle Habits

Poor lifestyle habits like excessive smoking and drinking, not getting enough rest, or not washing
your face before bed are guaranteed to contribute to unhealthy skin. Smoking can cause more
wrinkles, inflammatory chemicals in the bloodstream are increased by alcohol, which might
worsen skin sagging over time. Finally, allowing your skin to soak up a day’s worth of oil can
lead to clogged pores, especially if you have acne.

6. Improper care of makeup tools

This is mostly applicable to ladies who wear makeup. Taking care of your makeup tools is of
utmost priority. When you make use of tools that are not recently washed, it is a build-up of
previous product remnant that is applied on your body along with the current product
application. Makeup tools should be cleaned according to how often you wear makeup and how
much makeup you use. A minimum of once a week is recommended.
Having clear skin is the first step to living confidently. If you indulge in any of these common
habits listed above, take the resolution to stop today and start your journey towards gaining that
shine on your skin